Make a positive long-term impact today!


Go solar and you’ll have more control over your energy bill and lower your carbon footprint. Commercial solar panels can reduce one of your company’s largest expenses. Meaning your bottom line will be less susceptible to unpredictable yet inevitable energy rate hikes. It’s a no brainer! At Renewable Energy Group, we aim to provide you with the best solar solutions to help your business thrive in the long-run.

Asset write-off EXTENDED!

The Australian Government has extended the $150,000 new asset write off to 31 December 2020. This means that eligible businesses can claim an immediate lump sum tax deduction on the Solar asset cost.

Solar energy benefits.

  • Reduce operating costs

  • Lock-in energy costs for years to come

  • Decrease your carbon footprint

  • Green branding / marketing opportunities

  • Low maintenance power system

What would you do with your savings?

Business owners across New South Wales are taking control of their quarterly costs and seeing great long-term results. By Installing a solar energy system you can increase profitability and give your company a distinct competitive advantage. Start using your savings on things that matter and say goodbye to costly electricity bills.

Commercial solar checklist.

  • Owner of the property or owners written approval if renting

  • Roof gets a good amount of sun

  • Power bill is more than $200

  • No roof renovations in the next 12 months

  • Not moving in the next two years

Does solar energy make financial sense? Get your free assessment to find out.